Jeep Compass Passed with 5-Star score in the Crash Test, know how safe the SUV is


The recently launched Jeep hits the automobile market in India. The car enthusiasts in the country are pretty much excited about this new SUV and have so far received 10,000 bookings. Available in petrol and diesel variants, this car is the company’s cheapest SUV in India. In countries, where there is right-hand drive, Jeep Compass will be manufactured in India and exported all around the world.

Recently, Suro NCAP, which monitors car safety, performed Jeep’s Left-hand drive car crash. Jeep Compass scored 5-stars in this crash test. Compass score for adults is 90%, for young ones it is 83%, and 4 × 4 variant score on the crossroad is 64%.


Jeep Compass for India and Jeep Compass, which has been tested in Europe, are slightly different. The car used during the crash in Europe was a left-hand drive. There are 8 airbags in this car, while 6 airbags have been given to Jeep Compass that is made for India. Although the structure of the two cars is totally same, both the ISOFIX points have been installed in the back seat for the children. Their strength factor also remains the same. After the successful crash test of the European model, now it is time to see how the Indian Jeep Compass handles the crash, it would provide a clear picture about its robustness.

Euro NCAP found that in the event of the confrontation, the passenger compartment of the car remains safe for the passengers. Jeep with many tests on dummy passed through various types of divergence and found it safe. During this test, there was no serious injury to the dummy, so the passenger’s life could be safe as per the standards. Even when it was a side collision, the car looked quite protected, there was no such injury on the dummy rib, which would lead to the loss of human life. Jeep Compass in India is a right-hand drive, and it also has all the security tools that are in the Jeep sold in Europe.

The vehicle is also integrated with some magnificent safety features such as ABS, HSA, EBD, ESC, PBA, and electric parking brake. The all new Jeep Compass is expected to give a tough fight to the existing Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, and Volkswagen Tiguan.

With 10,000 bookings already received for the Indian market, Jeep Compass with its advanced safety design and modern facilities is expected to take the company among the top earners in the coming period.

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