Android 8.0 Oreo Causing Some Issues

Android Oreo began launching out Nexus and Pixel handsets a couple of weeks ago, but in spite of all the testing in front of its roll out, there has been a lot of errors highlighted out by consumers. Now, some consumers who have upgraded their Nexus and Pixel handsets to the new version of Android are now encountering an issue with the app of Google Clock, with its alarms not operating correctly. In addition to this, other consumers have also stated that the update of Android Oreo is posing accidental rebooting on their devices amid normal operations.

Android 8.0 Oreo

In a written grievance, a user posted the problem whereby the alarm clock app on his Pixel handset, operating on Android Oreo, might go off if the alarm is organized at less than a 1 Hour, while it will not if the alarm has been organized to an additional time. While this might have been a 1-off incidence, various other consumers cited the same problem in feedbacks on the listing of the new Google Clock app on Google Play. Various angry consumers have cited how the error made them go to work late.

Apart from this, the Android Oreo error list got additional entry where other consumers began to report last week that their Nexus and Pixel handsets performed accidental reboots in the middle of standard operations from the time they updated to Android Oreo. A news website claims that most of their staff users also began encountering the problem, only to discover out that it was extensive when they saw Nexus and Pixel device users criticizing the problem on Twitter. The problem was anticipated to be dealt away within the latest update that the handsets got, but it appears that it has not gone as per the plan.

Later, the issue of random rebooting was also claimed to be loosely associated on Android Oreo to some YouTube problems. The PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode appeared to have posed reboots for a cluster of consumers, claimed the users to the media. On the other hand, later it was found that this rebooting issue due to YouTube PiP was a different problem altogether.