Courts Annuls Child Marriage Based On Facebook Evidence

A family court in the Jodhpur void the child matrimony of a woman, now 19-year-old will be considered, following a non-governmental association produced proof from the Facebook account of the man with whom she was wedded. Kriti Bharti, managing trustee of Sarathi trust, said Sushila, a resident of Barmer region, she was wedded at the age of 12 in 2010 to Naresh of Bisalpur village located in Jodhpur.

The officially permitted age for matrimony in India is 18 for women and 21 for men.

Last year, Sushila’s family unit members sent her to reside with Naresh against her wish, as stated by Bharti. “In April 2016, Sushila left her residence and was saved by me from Barmer highway at late night. Later she was taken before the child welfare agency in Barmer and then she was sent to a government running women’s home,” she stated. With the help of Bharti, Sushila filed an application in the family court located in Jodhpur looking to scrap her child wedding. “On the other hand, her husband completely denied in the court about the child wedding and he stated that they only spoke about their engagement. Subsequent to that we investigated into the two Facebook accounts of Naresh to collect proof regarding the child wedding,” as stated by Bharti, based on the records, till date she has got 34 child marriages null and voided.

 Facebook Evidence

The protester said they investigated through two Facebook accounts of Naresh and found him tagged him in many messages and post where his friends wished him good wishes for the marriage. These friends were then contacted and a few of them had their marriage videos. The proof was presented at the court to confirm that the child marriage had taken place. Based on the proof, Judge Rekha Bhargav from the Jodhpur family court cancelled the marriage of Sushila. Sushila stated that, “My wedding has been void with the help of Kriti didi. Now I am completely free to chase my dreams of becoming a police officer to work for an enhanced future.” Compared to other states, many girls (8.5% of those aged between 9 and 16) and boys (8.7% of those aged 9 to 19) are married in the state of Rajasthan before they cross their legal age; this is based on the recent study.