Government Might Not Insist On Aadhaar Card For Mobile Connections

Faced with condemnation for forcing individuals to connect their mobile connection with their Aadhaar numbers, thereby making possibility for invasion of privacy, the Center is taking into consideration the choice of permitting other ID proofs to complete the process of verification. These IDs might compromise driver’s license, ration card, and passport. “We are ready to discover other alternatives. We are seeing at whether a driver’s license, or a ration card, or some other verification document can be employed. No final decision has been taken although,” claimed an official source to the media in an interview.”It must be in agreement with the order applied by the Supreme Court. We can’t temper the procedure.”

Aadhaar Card

The telecom ministry had subjected orders to mobile firms to connect mobile phones with Aadhaar after a recommendation by the Supreme Court (on an appeal filed by Lok Niti institution) for a convincing verification mechanism. If the verification process is not concluded till next year by February, mobile service might be discontinued. On the other hand, the move of Aadhaar-connection for mobile handsets has been criticized and there has been a new appeal in the Supreme Court confronting the decision. The source claimed that the government is aware of the appeals in the apex court. “We will also hang out to see what the court claims additional on this.” Independently, the government claimed that it might soon subject orders to make sure verification for individuals who do not possess an Aadhaar card. “We will be positioning in place a system to make sure their verification as well,” Aruna Sundararajan, the telecom secretary, claimed to the media in an interview on the issue.

Telecom minister Manoj Sinha previously declared the 3 new methods to finish the procedure of Aadhaar verification with mobile number, via an app, through onetime password (OTP), or through an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) service. While the verification by visiting shops of telecom firms will carry on, the government has also instructed that carriers execute the exercise at the doorways of the chronically ill, disabled, and senior citizens.

“It is the endeavor of the government to enhance convenience and reduce energy and time invested by users to accessing government services and information,” Sinha claimed.