December 2017

Mother Uses Black Magic To Cure Daughter Of Constipation, And Instead Kills Her

A girl, just 11 years old, died after her aunty and mother supposedly performed black magic on her in order to cure the constipation of hers. The name of the girl was Saniya Bekre. When the incident took place, the girl’s brother and father were also present at the site where this incident was taking place. The incident happened on Saturday at 10 in the night. The post-mortem report from

ANOTHER FIRST On Delhi Metro's Magenta Line REVEALED, A Day Ahead Of The Launch

On Monday, PM Narendra Modi will be inaugurating a section of the newly built Magenta Route of Delhi Metro. A few parts of the Violet line are still under construction, the Kalkaji Mandir, which connects to Botanical Garden, is a part of Janakpuri West Botanical Garden. The metro line launching on Monday has few things that have never been used before and it would be the first metro to be

Trump May Soon Witness Tax Victory

President Trump is close to experiencing his first big legislative victory after almost a year since he took charge. While the House of Representatives voted in favor of $1.5 trillion tax cuts to clear off deficits, a last minute hitch owing to the parliamentary rules has led to the voting in the lower chamber on the revised proposal yet again. It is for the first time in 3 decades that

3 Killed in Washington as a Passenger Train derails

An Amtrak train which on its inaugural run on a faster route from Seattle to Portland, Oregon, derailed on Monday. The passenger cars tumbled from a bridge onto a major highway and killed at least three people and injured about hundred others.Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brooke Bova said that thirteen of the train’s 14 cars jumped the tracks near the town of DuPont in which seventy-seven passengers and seven crew

Gratuity Rules To Be Changed...Bill Tabled In Parliament

The Government Of India tabled the Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill 2017 amid chaos in the parliament. All the employees working in mines, plantations, oil fields, factories, shops, railways, ports or other establishments come under the purview of the Gratuity act, if they have been in service continuously for at least 5 years in an organization having 10 or more employees. While currently the maternity leave for female employees is

Earn More on your Savings with Small Banks

Currently nationalized banks like SBI and other banks offer interest rates as low as 3.5%, and in case of Fixed Deposits (of up to one year) rises to 6.25%. However good news is that there is some small finance banks offering up to 7% of interest rates. These include Utkarsh, ESAF and Fincare.   Utkarsh Small Finance Bank This small bank offers interest rate of 6% PA and for the

Donald Trump to Put an End to Visa Lottery and Chain Migration

Trump made a strong statement regarding the Visa Lottery and Chain Migration system. He stated that the world will soon be witnessing the stronger US, as never before. He is about to end the diversity visa lottery and chain migration. He also mentioned about the Bangladeshi terrorist AkayedUllah, who was responsible for the latest attacks. He believes that the visa lottery system gives leverage to the people who are not

Flipkart Does It Again...

Flipkart was crowned one more time at the yearly festive season stakes of ecommerce as confirmed by Flipkart. Once more, it proved its dominance over Amazon India in such a segment where total sales are expected to have increased by almost 40% over events of the last year. It should be noted that share of festive season sales for Flipkart jumped to 50% from 45% as compared to the last

Supreme Court Challenges Tamil Nadu Laws For Allowing Bull Taming

The SC (Supreme Court) challenged the laws of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu government for “Jallikattu,” the bull-taming sport for Bullock Cart Racing festival. On Tuesday, the apex court requested for a bench of five judges constitution for reserving its orders under the new laws that are raising concerns for using animals in such festivals. The bench will be headed by Dipak Misra, the Chief Justice of India, and others will

SpaceX Rolls Out Recycled Spaceship And Rocket For The First Time

Last week, SpaceX for the first time rolled out both a cargo ship and a rocket that have used earlier, a step towards the goal of the company to reduce the expenditure of spaceflight. Post the launch, the California-located firm, which is controlled by Internet magnate Elon Musk, landed its rocket booster at Cape Canaveral, Florida upright on solid ground. SpaceX has now capable of returning 20 of its rocket