3 Killed in Washington as a Passenger Train derails

An Amtrak train which on its inaugural run on a faster route from Seattle to Portland, Oregon, derailed on Monday. The passenger cars tumbled from a bridge onto a major highway and killed at least three people and injured about hundred others.Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Brooke Bova said that thirteen of the train’s 14 cars jumped the tracks near the town of DuPont in which seventy-seven passengers and seven crew were aboard.She also said that all the train cars have been searched and emergency efforts will be extended through the night and into the morning.

3 Killed in Washington as a Passenger Train derails

The authorities also said that five vehicles and two trucks were involved in the accident, the highway was tormented with fragments of the bridge and tree branches and some motorists were injured but none died.Ted Danek, administrator, Dupont who visited the site shortly after the derailment said that the accident site was full of chaos and piles of twisted metals.

The scheduled departure time was 6 a.m. forMonday’s southbound Seattle-to-Portland train was the first to take the new route, which uses tracks owned by a commuter line. But, it was not immediately clear whether the derailment was connected to the new route. A National Transportation Safety Board member told the reporters that it was too early to say what may have caused the crash.

Richard Anderson, Amtrak’s co-chief executive,while speaking to the reporters, declined to gamble on the cause and confirmed that positive train control or PTC, a system that automatically slows trains if they are going too fast was not installed on the tracks. The mayor of a town along the new route also warned early this month that high speed trains were precariously close to cars and pedestrians. The U.S. President said the crash showed the need for infrastructure improvements.

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