Almost 57% Of Employers Will Not Employ You If You Are Inactive On Social Media

A quarrel regarding gau rakshaks or an online rage regarding language politics may make you feel better, but might lift a flag if a possible company looks at it. On the other hand, share extremely little on social media, and you are just as possible to be ignored for a job.

Almost 57% Of Employers Will Not Employ You If You Are Inactive On Social Media

A latest study displays that 17% of companies may not employ a person who is too lively on social media. But it is shoddier if the person is not visible online: The study discovered that 57% will not employ a social media phantom.

About 92% of firms utilize social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to screen and seek candidates, claims communications expert at, Asavari Sharma, to the media in an interview. “Quality of candidate has enhanced and it also takes firms less time to employ,” he claims.

There have been cases of users getting jobs due to their activity on social media. Quora addict Josh Lim recovered a job proposal due to the fact that the CEO of a firm loved his reply to a query on the portal.

Scanning profiles on social media also offers employers and recruiters the detail and context they might not discover in a resume. “For digital and tech roles, online activity has importance. If you take part actively in coding and tech discussions online, the recruiter receives a reasonable thought about your interests,” claims co-founder of Belong, Rishabh Kaul, to the media in an interview. Belong is a recruitment startup.

Some companies employ tools from LinkedIn to measure employee-sharing behavior. A paid app that firms employ for workers to share content, LinkedIn Elevate, examines how and what people share, and conveys the results to their head. “We become aware from our study that firms whose workers frequently share content are allowed to better promote their services,” LinkedIn claimed to corporate consumers in a message.