Bandagi Kalra Clarifies That Her Relationship With Puneesh Is Genuine, Post Eviction

Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra’s romance inside the Big Boss house also couldn’t save Bandagi from the eviction. Bandagi’s equation with Puneesh was questioned time and again when she was inside the house. Although, Bandagi wasn’t a controversial person in the house like others.

Bandagi Kalra Clarifies That Her Relationship With Puneesh Is Genuine, Post Eviction

For Bandagi, her elimination gave her a shock. She expressed her feelings post-eviction from the Big Boss house. Bandagi said, “I did not expect I would be evicted this early, as Luv does not deserve to stay in the house when compared with me. I came so far with my efforts, I am proud of it. Without anyone’s support, Puneesh and I came so far in the game, leaving behind all the celebrity contestants”.

Along with Puneesh Sharma, people had always pointed fingers towards Bandagi. Having a romantic angle in the show is the safest way to stay in the show many believe, and this was the reason why they were faking to be in a relationship to survive longer in the show. Bandagi, when  asked whether her relation was genuine she stated, “Our love for each other was true, and if it had gone against me I still have no complaints. What matters to me is the wonderful time I had in the show. I enjoyed a lot. Whatever happened between Puneesh and me, I don’t regret it. I won’t analyze or cry over spilled milk now, and neither would I say what happened was right. Even after the show, I have no doubt that I am going to continue my relationship with him. I am ready to wait as long as needed for him, I, in fact, want to see him coming out with the winning trophy.”

The commoners in the show are much more civilized this time than the celebrities. Apart from Hina Khan, who always keeps talking just about her own self, every other celebrity is very humble and nice.

When Bandagi was asked whom does she see as the winner of the show, she promptly said either Shilpa Shinde or Vikas deserves to be the winner of the show.