The Crisp Packet Being Used As ‘Faraday Cage’

An employee in Australia was dismissed from his job as he concealed his whereabouts to his employer. He played golf during the working hours and in order that no one should know about his location, he made use of the old scientific discovery.

The Crisp Packet Being Used As 'Faraday Cage'

The 60-year-old man, Tom Colella, who was an electrician was dismissed from his job after the firm where he was working got an anonymous letter in which it was mentioned that Tom used to play golf in his working and it accounted to at least 140 times in the past two years.

The Australia’s workplace tribunal, Fair Work Commission, came to know that Tom blocked his locations by hiding his personal digital assistant in the empty packets of Twisties. The Twisties is a cheese-based snack that is very much popular in Australia. The personal digital assistant had GPS in it, which was disabled by keeping it in the empty foil packet.

The tribunal made the findings that the foil packet was used as a Faraday cage. The packet blocked the electromagnetic fields hence preventing the employer to check his location. In the year 1836, scientist Michael Faraday discovered that uninterrupted covering by the conductive materials can be used for blocking the electromagnetic fields.

The commissioner at the tribunal, Bernie Riordan, commented that he found no possible explanation as to why Tom would create Faraday cage for his PDA his only intention was to obstruct the GPS.

This mischievous act of Mr. Tom made him lose his job. The commission also checked the golf club records to strengten their evidence.

A science writer, Phil Dooley, at the Australian National University commented on this incident to the ABC News that any object can be used to prepare a Faraday cage, the necessary thing is that it should be made of metal and in this case, it was foil.

He explained it with the help of an airplane example. He said that airplane too works as Faraday cage. While traveling in the plane, we never experience things such as lightning strike as it is restricted to the outside metal.

Now, Mr. Tom is an Uber driver.

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