Donald Trump to Put an End to Visa Lottery and Chain Migration

Trump made a strong statement regarding the Visa Lottery and Chain Migration system. He stated that the world will soon be witnessing the stronger US, as never before. He is about to end the diversity visa lottery and chain migration. He also mentioned about the Bangladeshi terrorist AkayedUllah, who was responsible for the latest attacks.

Donald Trump to Put an End to Visa Lottery and Chain Migration

He believes that the visa lottery system gives leverage to the people who are not meant to enter the country, degrading the quality of the entire ambiance.

Along with this, Trump has also revised the tax codes, which will help bring back four trillion dollars to the homeland. This will relieve the organizations that had blocked shares.

He has made it very clear that the countries that take integral advantage from the US but refuse to vote at the Security Council will not be given advantage anymore. He was highly disappointed about the union of the 14 candidates of the Apex body against his acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump feels it an unfortunate incident that in spite of giving billions of dollars to the foreign lands, he failed to earn a minimum loyalty. He has been keeping a close watch on the votes in order to take an appropriate decision regarding the money lending. He is delighted that a huge amount of money will be saved if he stops giving it away to the other countries.

The tax reform bill introduced by Trump has been accepted and he affirms that the New Year will bring a lot of reasons to celebrate and considers this as a historic victory for the general people. He further mentioned about the hardworking Americans who will be greatly profited with the return of the overseas corporate profit.

He also added that a fresh year will force the terrorism to see tougher roads with the US military in action.