Emily Wilson the first woman to translates Homer’s “Odyssey”

The British classicist, Emily is considered to be the first woman to translate the ancient Greek hero “Odysseus” journey to return home in English.

Odyssey is the story of a Greek warrior king, which depicts his 10-year failure attempt to return to his hometown from the war and about the wait of wife, Penelope. This epic and rhythmic Homer’s work was first translated in the 1615 by George in English. There is several translation of this epic in English but all articulated by males. In this male dominated genre, the Associate Professor of Classic at Pennsylvania University, Emily successfully justifies from a women’s point of view with her translation of Odyssey in English.

Emily Wilson the first woman to translates Homer’s “Odyssey”

Odyssey faces huge criticism on Sexism and Odysseus attitude towards females. It was crucial for Ms. Wilson to not be judgmental and translate with the same essence as that of Homer. Before working on translation, everyone needs to read it first and while doing that, you can get opinionated and articulate the same in your translated piece. Emily on the other hand, being a woman was fascinated with Penelope, the wife of Odysseus character, who had to wait until Odysseus’s return from the Trojan War. At the same time, Odysseus was free to travel the world on his way back.

According to Emily, she wanted to adopt the same essence of the story but in a modern and understanding language that connects people with the story. She wanted to give a modern literary touch to the three-year-old-millennium poem. Initially, while taking up this project, Emily was unaware that no woman till now has translated it. Her only point of focus was to make it simpler with modern literature that isn’t complicated for the new gen readers yet interests them to read it further.

Many from the field of literature appreciated for the contemporary, plain and straight forward language used to propagate the decades old Greek poet Homer’s work, Odyssey. The English translation of Odyssey by Emily Wilson is issued by W. W. Nortan & Co. Ms. Wilson has published four books previously.