Expansion Plans Of Xiaomi India Includes Installing More Plants

Popular for its handset brand, Xiaomi India has aims to install more divisions and put on capacity to produce products and phone in other sectors. The firm presently has 3 manufacturing divisions, two for handsets at Andhra Pradesh in Sri City and 1 in Noida for power banks, Manu Jain, its Vice-President, claimed to the media in an interview this week.

Expansion Plans Of Xiaomi India Includes Installing More Plants

“We are absolutely discovering. We need to include additional capacity. We need to set up additional plants, not just for handsets, even for other sectors such as Mi-band. There are many different sectors,” he claimed further in his statement. From July 2014 till the very the beginning of 2017, the firm has pumped in more than Rs 3,000 Crore in the nation, Jain claimed to the media while explaining the present situation.

The firm is making new investments since additional service centers, factories, and R&D center are being arranged up, he claimed to the reporters. The investment numbers might be recognized by end of this year. Xiaomi stated that it is the top smartphone seller in India, according to latest Quarterly Smartphone Tracker, Q3 2017 from IDC.

With a 23.5% share of the market and having exported 9.2 Million units of handsets in the quarter, it has turned out to be the fastest expanding smartphone brand in the nation, the firm claimed. In the meantime, Jain puts to rest the fears over the safety of the Xiaomi handsets. “We do not gather any user information. Not at all! We offer some Internet facilities, which indicate that the user has to say ‘yes I need to employ them.’ Even when the user is opting for these services, the information is conveyed to servers, they are completely encrypted. There is no risk of security.”

On the same note, Xiaomi this month rolled out Redmi 5A in India.