Google Feature Exclusively Available On Reliance JioPhone

Reliance JioPhone will now be available with the exclusive Al-based search engine Google. As announced in the press conference of Google for India, the feature will also be accessible for other smartphones who enter the market as a startup.

Google Feature Exclusively Available On Reliance JioPhone

The Google assistant was featured on devices like iOS and Android in May 2016. Now in the year 2017, Google will offer its assistance with a special version that will support the JioPhone with both the languages, English and Hindi. The company also mentioned that this support will offer millions of JioPhone users with first-time Internet experience with its new Google voice service along with exciting data services.

The users will have a great access to music, videos and other Internet and app services along with an added benefit of sending texts, making phone or video calls and navigating to the desired locations with the impeccable Google assistant services. With the digital assistance and voice command in-built in the phone “HelloJio”, the Google assistant, as well as the phone, is helping the users who can’t use a smart phone. The phone has the language supporting in 24 Indian dialects.

Recently, this year in July, Reliance launched the JioPhone at their Annual General Meeting and it entered the market in September 2017. With its 2.4 inches QVGA TFT screen, the JioPhone runs on a Firefox OS with its modified form and KAI OS. The phone has a 4G feature with a dual-core processor and RAM of 512 MB. For the user’s storage convenience, the internal storage has 4GB capacity while making it extendable up to 128GB with the Micro SD card.

The phone is launched to enhance the connectivity and networking of India by offering Wi-Fi, Volte, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Headphone Jack and other interesting features. The phone has few inbuilt apps like JioMusic, JioCinema and JioTV. The SIM lock in the JioPhone will not allow the user to operate through other networking SIM card. There were discussions for the special and new version of WhatsApp for JioPhone users to personalize the phone with its exclusive services.