Google Takes One More Step To Limit Spreading Of False News

False news has been one of the problems that many of major tech companies have been encountering recently. While Facebook has been carrying out its part to restrain this from scattering on its site, Google as well has taken an action to keep it restricted as much as achievable. The search behemoth has not yet openly declared what it is conducting to restrain the problem. On the other hand, it has upgraded its guidelines for Google News detailing its strategies.

Google Takes One More Step To Limit Spreading Of False News

Google aims to end false news from displaying up on Google News, its portal for news. The upgraded page of guidelines includes a new point in which Google claims that news sites must not hide their original position. Doing this will not bring the specific news on Google News from the website.

“Sites comprised in Google News must not misstate, misrepresent, or conceal data about their primary purpose or ownership, or engage in synchronized activity to misinform consumers. This comprises, but is not restricted to, websites that conceal or misrepresent their nation of origin or are directed at consumers in different nation below fake premises,” claims the company.

Even though this is not a huge modification and will not be impacting the readers or end users in any way, it will absolutely prove to be an effective and positive step in limiting false news. It is worth claiming that Google News does not pick up articles of news that fall below sections such as Advice columns, How-to articles, Real estate listings, Job postings, and severely informational content such as stock data and weather forecasts.

In April this year, Google rolled out its first tools on its Search engine to fight false news. The company allows consumers complain about news that were inaccurate, misleading, or comprised hateful content in its function of auto-complete.