The Harassment Policy Offered By Facebook As A Guide For Tech Companies

The internal sexual harassment policy of Facebook will be made public, comprising a strongly articulated clause that guards workers who report misbehavior. Facebook is providing its US policy to its Silicon Valley neighbors as a model. It covers off-sites and client happenings, work-related social happenings. It consists of obligatory sexual harassment teaching for managers and summaries an investigation method that guards workers from adverse outcomes.

The Harassment Policy Offered By Facebook As A Guide For Tech Companies

One clause states that workers can be sacked if they strike back against a co-worker who makes a harassment claim. Global director of diversity at Facebook, Maxine Williams, said, “We are very verbal with our society that if there is an intimation of anything, we need you to come to the sources we’ve with our human resources team, legal or investigations team for individuals to contemplate into this and do something about this.”

Together with other high-profile firms in media and entertainment, tech companies and the venture capitalists that sponsor them have been struggling with increasingly extensive sexual harassment claims. The latest study by First Round Capital discovered that most of the tech entrepreneurs have either been assaulted at the workplace or know someone who has. Only 17% startups have a proper approach to uphold inclusion and diversity.

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, said, “Sharing best exercises can assist us all to develop, particularly, smaller firms that may not have the sources to make their own policies.” Facebook, earlier this week, was entitled by Glassdoor—a job website that asks workers to rate their firm—the best place to work.

The social media giant posted its policy on the site of the company together with their obligatory coaching program and leaflets on managing bias. Gloer and Sandberg said, “There is no query that this is complex and perplexing to get right. We’re by no means faultless and there will be bad actors always.”