All Hell Broke Loose, When She Was Asked To Stop Smoking On Plane

The Southwest Airlines said it had all started with a cigarette.

On Saturday, somewhere between Portland and Sacramento, a passenger was smoking in the washroom, said the airlines. The passenger had gone too far and was detected by the smoke detector present in the airlines.

A flight attendant barged in on the woman, stated the airlines. The attendant managed to get her out of the washroom, but it did not improve the situation. The situation on the flight 2943 got even worse.

All Hell Broke Loose, When She Was Asked To Stop Smoking On Plane

An oxygen mask was ripped by the women when the crew forced her to get back to her seat. A mask got dangled in the plane’s aisle. Wearing a black hat overcoat and sunglass, she collected all her belongings as if she was ready to get down the aircraft in mid-air. She yelled at the passengers, “I have a destination for myself”.

The women yelled at the crew members of the flight, saying if you do not land right now I swear I will kill each one of you flying on this f****ng plane…!! The attendants of the flight calming the women said, “You will not”.

She said, “I will” I will…!! A co-passenger on the flight told the media, “The women had to be controlled by the crew members and other passengers for the next half an hour till she calmed down”.

While the airlines said, the pilots called an emergency landing in Sacramento somehow more or less on schedule. At the airport, Sheriff’s assistants were waiting. They arrested Valerie Curbelo, 24, and charged her for breaking the law and making a death threat. She has been jailed with a bail amount of $75,000.

A reporter asked the accused, “Why did you decide to smoke in the washroom? The crew members and other co-passengers told us”. The accused,  said, it was anxiety. Yehaah because of anxiety. The reporter asked Curbelo, “You know you were saying quiet threatening things, you said you will kill everyone who is there on the plane”.

Curbelo nodded her head. The reporter asked her why did she do so? Curbelo replied saying I don’t know I swear. It was not me. Curbelo lives in Oregon. She was jailed on Monday after her act on the plane. But, it is still not clear whether she has a lawyer for herself or not.