Irish Startup Assists Local Shops Fight With Online Behemoths

A Dublin-located company with supporters from Silicon Valley, Pointy, is resolving the issue of how to make it simpler for users to find goods that they need close to house. This is done as shopping online becomes simpler but locating what you need locally stays hard to pin down.

Irish Startup Assists Local Shops Fight With Online Behemoths

“Somebody can just walk down the way and pick up a product, but that data is just exasperatingly hard to locate,” Mark Cummins, chief executive and co-founder of Pointy, claimed to the media in an interview.

“Vendors are losing out and those trades are either going away to a bigger brick and mortar retailer or they are going away to Amazon,” he claimed to the media from Dublin in an interview. Cummins guesses that 14% of the retailers in the city have accepted the Pointy offerings.

Only a few of the biggest retailers in the world such as Wal-Mart Stores provide users the capability of searching local shop shelves online, after huge spending in stocking systems of inventory to offer this information.

Device of Pointy at retail checkouts connects into barcode scanners and captures data of the product when user shops, making a summary of what is trading from the inventory of the store.

This permits retailers to sport what they consist in their shop in domestic online search outcomes. Pointy also hosts and creates websites for companies to sport what they consist in stock.

“Pointy makes the information feed for the shop, which the vendor can then employ to incorporate with other offerings, for instance Google Shopping,” Cummins claimed.

Cummins further claimed that Pointy is also operating on greater incorporation with Google building on ties he has post the search behemoth of Silicon Valley made its first ever acquisition in the U.K. in 2010 by purchasing Plink, his machine vision start-up.