Lifetime Achievement Award for Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond, the children’s author, was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chandigarh Literary Society on November 25, 2017. The award composed of a cash price of 2 Lakh.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Ruskin Bond

The children and their parents were very eager in asking questions to the author about the different novels that he had written and the inspirations that made him write such noteworthy short stories.

When the author addressed the children, he said, “Since parents are taking care of you and make you study in good schools, just take care of them when you grow up.” This was the only advice that he gave to the students.

Bond was born and brought up in India but after his schooling, he was sent to London. There he worked and also wrote his first novel “Room on the Roof”. He was just 17 years old when he wrote this novel. After he got the advance of 50 Pounds, he flew back to India in 1955.

Bond exclaimed that it was very difficult for him to leave in any other place than India. He further added he felt like the lone fox that he had once seen in the Mussoorie hills, which actually inspired him for the title of his autobiography ‘Lone Fox Dancing’.

Many youngsters asked him questions to which he responded very enthusiastically; in one of the questions he commented that a writer should always give respect to the grammar and the language. He also suggested that the writer should write on a regular basis, should read more literature and must adopt a simple style of writing so that the readers will be able to relate with it.

One of the students also asked him whether one can look writing as a career option to which he answered that writing always gave pleasure to him and he was never behind the fortune or the fame. Another question that was asked to him was if he wouldn’t have been a writer then what was his alternative career option and he said he would either have been a football player or a wrestler.

He also said that people are related to the characters of his stories and if he would run out of characters, he would portray it with the help of animals and ghosts.

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