Magnificent Stupid Thought: Prime Minister On The Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi’s “Gabbar Singh” Taunt On GST

PM Narendra Modi carried out his confutation to Congress VP Rahul Gandhi’s regular branding of latest national tax GST as the so-called “Gabbar Singh Tax,” stating those who plundered the country can only think of robbers or dacoits. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not call out the name of Mr. Rahul Gandhi in his appraisal of the Congress leader’s place on the Services and Goods Tax started in the month of July this year, only adding that a “lately appeared economist” was broadcasting a “magnificent stupid thought” by signifying that the GST pace must be capped at 18%.

Magnificent Stupid Thought: Prime Minister On The Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi's "Gabbar Singh" Taunt On GST

GST at present has 4 tax slabs. The PM Narendra Modi is demonstrating in his own state Gujarat, where voting will be held near the beginning of this month. Vice President of the congress party Rahul Gandhi too is addressing several rallies in the state of Gujarat, as PM Narendra Modi mainly is concentrating on the Saurashtra district. Mr Rahul Gandhi (Vice President of Congress) has an antagonistic crusade in the state of Gujarat, frequently attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP since the last year’s notes outlaw and changes in GST, which he has sarcastically labeled as the Gabbar Singh Tax, after the well-known bad character (villain) in Bollywood movie Sholay. Mr Rahul Gandhi claims that defective execution of GST has injured small businesses.

“At present, few so called smart and intelligent people, few latest economists have actually emerged who are confusing citizens,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the state of Gujarat, at his primary stop Morbi. “Those who have actually looted citizens all through their life, they can merely bear in mind dacoits,” he stated. He said, Mr Rahul Gandhi (Vice President) was broadcasting a magnificent stupid thought’ all after in the name of GST by saying to citizens of our country that the Congress will cut all tax rates by 18%. “This means 18% tax on salt and 18% tax on luxury cars, which will cost around Rs. 5 Crore,” the PM added; he further stated, “What kind of intelligence is this?”


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