Mahindra Electric To Play Major Role In Electric Vehicles Drive Of SsangYong

Being a top company in electric cars in the nation, Mahindra & Mahindra has now aimed on electrification of most of the cars of SsangYong Motor, its South Korean arm. The data was given to the media by a top official of the company. The firm, which already trades electric cars such as e2o and e-Verito, is also operating to make electric 3-wheelers employing batteries made up from lithium ion.

Mahindra Electric To Play Major Role In Electric Vehicles Drive Of SsangYong

“Mahindra Electric is operating with SsangYong for electrification of some of their vehicles,” Mahesh Babu, the CEO of the company, claimed to the media in an interview. Mahindra Electric, the producer of electric cars of the expanded Mahindra Group worth USD 17.8 Billion, will play a main role while electrifying of current vehicles such as e-Supro and e-Verito for auto division of Mahindra.

“For SsangYong, we will play a same role” Babu claimed. Explaining the project of SsangYong, he claimed that Mahindra Electric will trade some of the electric parts and powertrains to the auto company of South Korea. “We will give them some electric parts and also to Mahindra. And they will trade the vehicles,” Babu claimed. Mahindra & Mahindra in 2010 had signed a deal to obtain majority share in SsangYong.

When asked regarding the strategy of the company related to electric cars in the local market, Babu claimed, “We have now goods in the mass market sector. As fraction of our plan we will get into new techs with higher range cars and more power voltage powertrains going ahead.” With already handful of electric cars below its kitty, the firm will now aim at extending its base on the rear of new goods with higher performance and range, he claimed.

“We are now operating to make 3-wheelers on the basis of batteries made from lithium ion,” Babu claimed.