Mother Uses Black Magic To Cure Daughter Of Constipation, And Instead Kills Her

A girl, just 11 years old, died after her aunty and mother supposedly performed black magic on her in order to cure the constipation of hers. The name of the girl was Saniya Bekre.

Mother Uses Black Magic To Cure Daughter Of Constipation, And Instead Kills Her

When the incident took place, the girl’s brother and father were also present at the site where this incident was taking place. The incident happened on Saturday at 10 in the night.

The post-mortem report from JJ Hospital revealed the reason behind the death of girl was because of intense genital injuries.

The dead body of the girl was kept by her family members in the building until Sunday afternoon. Then Sanjay More, the girl’s uncle, took the dead body to the Sanjeevnai Hospital from Aai Jeevdani Prasanna Building where the doctors said she was dead.

Saniya’s father Ambaji, mother Meenakshi and aunt Madhuri Shinde were held by the Mumbai Police on Wednesday. Saniya’s younger brother told the investigating officer police that Madhuri and Meenakshi performed some acts on her sister saying it would cure her constipation. He also told the police that although his father was present where the ladies were performing the act, he did not stop them from doing it.

Injuries were found on Saniya’s private parts and limbs after the initial investigation was done. The reports revealed that Saniya’s mother got up on Saniya’s upper body and danced on her chest, while Madhuri was holding her legs tight. Saniya in pain was not even able to move her legs.

Since December 14, the neighbors were hearing some women screaming, they said while talking to the police. Out of them, one neighbor said they had seen Meenakshi’s body with turmeric all over her body while the other neighbors said Saniya’s mother often practiced black magic.

With chanting some mantras, Meenakshi and Madhuri sprinkled red chili powder and turmeric powder on Saniya. While all this was going on, Saniya’s father was just observing doing nothing. Madhuri first pinned Saniya down, while Meenakshi covered her mouth. With her other hand, she inserted her finger into her rectum, an officer from Virar police as said.

After a further probe, the Mumbai Police will be applying to Maharashtra Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Act.

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