Robin Wright Will Feature In The Next Season Of ‘House Of Cards’

Eight more episodes will be filmed in the House of Cards. In this final season, Robin Wright will be starring as the female lead. As per the sources, the former star Kevin Spacey will be out of the show.

There are many allegations on the star such as harassment by many men and sexual assault. An actor says that when he was just 14, Spacey had made a sexual advance. It was after the reports that were surfacing in late October that Netflix made the announcement of cutting the ties with the actor.

Robin Wright Will Feature In The Next Season Of ‘House Of Cards’

In the political drama House Of Cards, Spacey starred in the lead role of the politician Frank Underwood. According to the statement made by the streaming platform, the sixth season will be the final season with 13 episodes that will release in the year 2018. Then statements were made by Netflix that the production of the season was hanging.

The latest announcement suggests that they will resume the shooting early next year which will have eight episodes and it will be the last season for the show. It will be a short season and will be focusing on Wright. Still, it is not clear how the absence of Frank Underwood’s character will be clarified.

The character Claire Underwood is played by Wright, which didn’t have an important role in the show but as time passed, the character started to develop a powerful and manipulative image. The watchers started to feel for the character, which proved positive for the show.

Ted Sarandos, the CEO of Netflix, commented, “We are excited to bring closure to fans”.

The conditions were not good for the cast and the crew as there was a huge possibility of them losing their jobs and there were some employees who were victims of Spacey’s lewd behavior.

Now as the final season is scheduled for the production, around 2000 production workers get back their jobs.

When in the beginning allegations began to surface against Spacey, he exclaimed that he did not remember about such an incident but was apologetic. Thus, after all this drama, he came out publicly that he was a gay.