Sheraton Hyderabad Invites For Pan Asian International Food Festival

The International Food Festival organized at Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad, invites the entire connoisseur to taste the pan Asian cuisine by Chef Kuan Lai. Block your dates from now till 30 November and dine at Zega in Sheraton.

The food festival will experiment with an assortment of flavors while making the dishes appealing with Chef Kuan Lai’s culinary skills. The menu is designed for foodies specifically categorized as veg and non-veg both. The wide spread of pan Asian cuisine will satiate your taste buds and relish your mood with its authentic flavors. According to Chef Kuan Lai, this food festive will make you experience like never before and that’s what makes him happy and successful.

The starters will fuel up your appetite with dishes like Grilled Spring Chicken smoothly infused with lemongrass chicken, Smokey Pork Belly, Crispy Duck Mandarin Pancakes and more. While these starters will burst unique and authentic essences on the tip of your taste buds, the main course will make your appetite crave for more.

The relishing and richest main course includes Pad KraPaoGai—spicy chicken with Basil, Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice and more. The main course dishes are must try, as they are scrumptious, spicy yet delightful at the same time.

The festival balances its abundance of food with delicious veg menu for veg foodies. The dish that topped the list is Vegetable Rice Paper Roll in Vietnamese style. With every bite, feel the flavorsome of each veggie tossed to gratify your cravings. Indulge with other assortments like Pineapple Fried Rice, Vegetable Green Thai Curry, Char KuihTeow coupled with the blend of rice and noodle cooked in Singapore style.

There is every dish for everyone, from kids to adult and spicy to creamy and jelly desserts; this pan Asian food festival is perfect for you. For every sweet tooth cravings, we bring Goji Berries, eight treasures Coconut Jelly, Red Bean cream preserved with Sesame Peanut Dumplings. A perfect finishing touch for a great delightful lunch or dinner. Visit Zega in Sheraton for a food voyage and treasure the experience with Chef Kuan Lai.