#ME TOO Social Campaign Takes It To The Times Magazine And Breaks The “SILENCE”

The #MeToo social media campaign made it to the Person of the Year 2017 of Time’s Magazine. The recent on-going social media movement to stand against injustice and sexual harassment #MeToo, the two simple words made the renowned Times to recognize the “Silence Breakers” (both men and women) as the heroic people for their magazine and the world.

#ME TOO Social Campaign Takes It To The Times Magazine And Breaks The “SILENCE”

During the past two months, the magazine approached the people who participated in the movement as well as to those who were inspired by the movement to speak out in public from varied life patterns. The magazine tracks the impact and initial start of the movement, which spread the awareness on the sexual harassment incidents all over the globe regardless of the gender, class and race. The magazine put a spotlight on people who bravely came-out from their comforting cocoon and spoke about it to make the accused ashamed.

The campaign was earlier started 10 years back by Tarana Burke, the social activist and senior Director of programs at girls for gender equity. The movement resumed and became influential with the sexual harassment scandal of Harvey Weinstein that dominated across the globe with men and women both involved in the process.

After actor Alyssa Milano’s tweet on the issue, many other celebrities and prominent personalities joined the movement to support it and raise awareness as a responsible human to stand against the crime. In India and other corners of the world, people suffer the disrupting ground realities of sexual harassment. The trending hashtag campaign on social media made the two simple words seem like big and bold enough to open the gates of secrecy from men, women and transgender to unload the burden of the suffering in public. The #MeToo is simple yet encourage for many to understand the real culprit and accept that it was not the victim’s fault while conditioning a sense of being fearless and face the culprit with sheer honesty and making them guilty of the crime.

The success, agenda and people of the campaign made the prestigious Time magazine to get the issue covered in their cover story.