Tim Cook Views Added Value To The China’s World Internet Conference

In the China’s World Internet Conference, Tim Cook expressed his views which focused on security, privacy, and humanity. Tim Cook is the CEO of the popular organization, Apple. He was appointed as CEO in the year 2011 when Steve Jobs stepped down from his position owing to bad health. The Cyberspace Administration of China organized the World Internet Conference. The main aim of this conference was to endorse the country’s version of concealed and controlled Internet services.

Tim Cook Views Added Value To The China’s World Internet Conference

While he was addressing in the conference, Cook expressed that Apple too has the same vision of building an economy that will benefit everyone. He also commented that Apple is very much proud of working with thier partners in China. These were his words:

The theme of this conference— developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits — is a vision we at Apple share. We are proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace.

Cook further pushed the point that it is Apple that supports over 5 Million jobs in China, and among them, 1.8 Million is the local application developers.

In his further speech, he suggested that in the evolving world of digitization, humanity is required. In his comments, he mentioned that people in this age are not giving any importance to privacy and are thinking like the machines. His words were:

Much has been said of the potential downsides of AI, but I don’t worry about machines thinking like humans. I worry about people thinking like machines. We all have to work to infuse technology with humanity, with our values.

Technology of the future should have openness, creativity, and safeguards to protect users while providing privacy and decency.

Tim Cook attending this conference played a vital role as the purpose was celebrating the iPhone’s success and the brand endorsement.

The Politburo member, Wang Huning, made it clear in the conference that in China they promote “controllable security” and are trying to build “new order”.