“The Womb And The Sprout” An Exhibition By The Kashmiri Artist Rajendra Tiku

The Kashmiri artist Rajendra Tiku displays the longing of staying away from home of the warriors or other common people in his magnificent exhibition at gallery Threshold in the capital of India (Delhi). “The Womb and The Sprout” was treasured with creative craftsmanship in the form of elegant artifacts in large bronze boxes. The exhibition ended with a great set of spectators and satisfying art presentation.

“The Womb And The Sprout” An Exhibition By The Kashmiri Artist Rajendra Tiku

One of the beautiful artifacts was intricately crafted and titled as “Memoirs of a Lost Warrior”, a tool that was blended in wood and bronze, which the warriors from the Stone Age might have utilized it. The other one was titled as “Memoirs of a Cobbler” where the tools utilized by the cobbler were showcased while a sharp long knife from the kitchen of the royals.

The Padma Shri Awardee and also the National Awardee for Sculptures, Tiku comes from a remote village Wadwan in Kashmir. Rajendra Tiku, the Kashmiri pandit, depicts the ground realities of the beautiful land, Kashmir, through his exceptional work. His work has the essence of the genuineness of the real-time happenings with the Kashmiri community, the need for migration in search of employment and security.

The artist’s yearning for his childhood house was clearly visible through the impeccable sculptural depiction of the thoughts inside the head (CT scan-head) in 3D format. This was his sheer inspiration from his life experience, as he had to forcefully leave his home in Kashmir at the age of 30. Now, the 60-year old says his work depicts the historic past of the tales or stories with perfect narration through creative sculptures.

Amongst his 20 works, drawing and sculptures are greatly included. Each of his work is connected to human emotions. For example, the installation of Iris inside theme 2010 where his artistic expression portrayed the human emotion, i.e., the moment of breakdown brings a new hope of standing again with goodness. The Iris inside creatively presented that the cracks are not ugly they blossom in their own way. Rajendra Tiku has a unique way of expressing every human emotion in an artistic and creative form of sculptures or drawings.