For Years, He Was My Monster: Salma Hayek Reveals About Harvey Weinstein

Salma Hayek turned out to be the most recent lady, who opened up against the lewd and tormenting behavior of filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. She stated, “For a considerable time period, he was my monster,” and she point by point disclosed how he supposedly harassed her over and over again.

For Years, He Was My Monster: Salma Hayek Reveals About Harvey Weinstein

She wrote, with every denial came his anger, the word that he hated the most was “NO.” There was no other word that he hated more. He asked Hayek for back rubs and sex, and his requests went beyond it sometimes. While he was making her project, she always dreamt about the 2002 film Frida. Weinstein demanded that the actress should shoot an unscripted sexual scene with another lady. Hayek knew agreeing was only the way in which the movie could be made further; so she agreed to shoot for the scene. Also, since it had been five weeks since the shooting of the movie began, she was worried that a wrong decision would disappoint other team members working on the movie, which included Ashley Judd, Edward Norton, and chief Julie Taymor.

Not wanting to disappoint other working members on the movie, she agreed to shoot for the bold scene and what Weinstein did was he made every person a witness to his abuse who watched Frida.

It was terrifying for Hayek to shoot for that scene. She couldn’t stop crying and she was very restless on the morning of the shoot. She started vomiting out of stress because of which she had to take a sedative to calm herself down.

“I was so emotionally disturbed that I had to reserve myself during and after the shoot of the movie was over,” she wrote. Her story is sufficient to tell the viewer to think why and how much nakedness is shown in movies, and whether an actress has the right to refuse to do scenes, which is demanded by the filmmakers.

Weinstein had a background marked by endeavoring to show physical intercourse scenes into his movies. This never appeared to be all that prominent until the point when droves of ladies began approaching with charges of rape, badgering, and assault. While creating the light-hearted comedy “The Night We Never Met,” for instance, Weinstein attempted to bully Warren Leight into getting the actress to show her tits, she revealed.

Many other Hollywood actresses had refused to do bold scenes in past and so did Warren Leight. Even actress Emily Blunt was supposed to be topless in one scene, but she refused to do so.

Hayek’s story demonstrates how even a successful actress was tortured. He demanded an unnecessary fake intercourse, which was a strategic move.

Hayek noted in her opinion that Frida attracted a lot of audiences and won a number of awards. She said, “Hollywood so rarely makes movies about brilliant women—especially by brilliant women.” She also added, “I am so grateful that everyone heard my experience, and you know what men are able to harass women sexually because they think they can do whatever they wish to do. But, it’s a new era and women unlike earlier times are coming forward and talking about it openly.”