January 2018

Coin Production To Be Halt By The Government Due To Lack Of Storage Space

Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai are the four government major coin production locations, which have recently stopped their functioning due to lack of accommodation space of the over-flowing coins in the marketplace, mentions a source of the government. The SPMCIL (Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd.) a state-run government body that circulates and produces the coins stated that the minting of coins had been put on hold. The

India’s Harvest Festival Experiences The Vibrant Colors In Ahmadabad

Uttarayan, the harvest season where Indians celebrate the day with vibrant and uniquely designed kites while relishing the taste buds with seasonal fruits, jalebi, undhiyu or chikki for the Gujarat state while other states like South is known to celebrate the harvest season as Pongal, the North Indians call it as Lohri while the Assamese celebrate it as Bihu. The harvest season is celebrated all over India with varied festive

American Aerospace And Defense Major Proposes For Custom-Built Fighter Jets In India

India has been proposed for custom-built fighter jets, i.e., F-16 by Lockheed Martin the Defense and American Aerospace Major to make the aerospace of India to contribute in becoming the part of “World’s Largest Fighter Aircraft Ecosystem” The Business and Strategy Development and Vice-President at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Vivek Lall states in a media interaction that the LIFAM (Lexicon of International Fighter Aircraft Manufacturing) is planning for introducing 2 new

Kaalakaandi Movie Review—An Offbeat Experience

First directorial adventure of Delhi Belly scripter Akshat Verma, really has the crazy soul that gave the 2011 hit. So, its tone, surface, and treatment are extraordinarily distinguished. The film is mostly in English, with a couple of subordinates bantering in road-level Hindi peppered generously with swearwords. Unmistakably, Verma is entranced by free thinkers and nonconformists. Be that as it may, equipped with the nature of his writing, he makes

10 States Begin Test Run For E-Way Bill

Almost 10 states, comprising Haryana, Gujarat, and Bihar, this week joined the centralized e-way bill system of the government for inter-state transfer of supplies by road below the GST rule to stop leakages of revenue. While Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala, and Uttarakhand had started employing e-waybill, 6 additional states such as Bihar, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Sikkim joined the test run began by the GSTN (GST Network), the firm that

Windshield Cracks In Air India’s Dreamliner: Boeing Probes

Boeing, The world famous American airplane manufacturing company is now probing the problem of the windshield cracks on its 787 Dreamliner after Air India observed three such incidents in the recent past. A Delhi to Kolkata flight, earlier this month, was forced to come back to the Indira Gandhi International airport at New Delhi because of a crack in the cockpit window. A similar issue was also reported earlier in

Niklaus—First Person of Indian Origin to Become Swiss Parliamentarian

Just in a week of his birth in 1970, Niklaus-Samuel Gugger was disowned by his parents at a hospital in Udupi. A Swiss couple, Fritz and Elizbeth living in Kerala adopted him where he lived for 4 years and then moved to their native country. Now, after 48 years, the same Niklaus-Samuel Gugger has become the first Indian origin person to be elected to the Swiss parliament. As per media

Tech Czar And Ace Investor In Race For Star Health

RARE Enterprises of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the Billionaire investor, has made a surprise proposal for Star Health & Allied Insurance. Now, Star Health & Allied Insurance is the first separate health insurance firm in the nation that is having a price label of $1 Billion. RARE of Jhunjhunwala will hit it out with Premji Invest from Azim Premji and almost 6 other financial sponsors. It is heard that proposals have been

Air India To Be Broken Into 4 Companies For Sale, Says Minister

Weighed down with the debt, Air India will be divided into four separate organizations by the government and proposed to offer no less than 51% in each of them as a major aspect of a disinvestment proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The central business involving Air India and Air India Express, the cost-effective abroad arm, will be offered as one organization, and the procedure will be finished before the

A Sneak Peek In To Secret World Of Assange By German Hacker

Last month, the passengers who were traveling from Frankfurt, Germany via Lufthansa flight, headed directly to the passport scanning machines. This allowed the European residents to enter the periphery of Britain immediately without any human intervention. A man wearing a black jeans and hoodie escaped from the pack. Andy Muller-Maguhn said that there are too many biometric details, after having a look at the cameras on the timesaving devices. Andy