A 4 Month Survey By Center To Ascertain The Skills Of Indians

Evaluation of the proper skills of the Indian people that will help them grab a rightful job will be done by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy or CMIE and the National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC. This will also help gather the knowledge whether an employed person is in an appropriate position or is doing a job that is either underestimating or overestimating the skill.

A 4 Month Survey By Center To Ascertain The Skills Of Indians


This survey is named as the Skilled Stock Survey that will continue for a span of 4 months. It will be initiating this month and will primarily analyze the modes of training adopted by the people, accessibility of the long as well as short-term training, and the degree of awareness regarding the skill development programs. The survey will be conducted across the country and will cover over 160,000 households. It will also cover the rural and urban areas by collecting the details at the district level.

This initiative will accentuate the endeavor of Skill India Program, triggered by the government, by formulating strategic action plans.

The methodology of the University of Michigan will be followed to accomplish the survey, which is also followed by the U.S to analyze the skills of the citizens. The survey will be completed and submitted to the center in May 2018, as stated by the CEO of NSDC.

According to the National Sample Survey Office survey of 2015, mere 2.2% of the people from the age group of 15–59 years had proper access to the formal training but the employees are accustomed to the on job training and skilling through informal methods.

The economic clusters will also be mapped by the center to identify the demands of the industry. This move will be initiated from Uttarakhand and the rest of the states will follow the suit.