A Sneak Peek In To Secret World Of Assange By German Hacker

Last month, the passengers who were traveling from Frankfurt, Germany via Lufthansa flight, headed directly to the passport scanning machines. This allowed the European residents to enter the periphery of Britain immediately without any human intervention.

A Sneak Peek In To Secret World Of Assange By German Hacker

A man wearing a black jeans and hoodie escaped from the pack.

Andy Muller-Maguhn said that there are too many biometric details, after having a look at the cameras on the timesaving devices.

Andy came to London to meet Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. He is one of the most controversial curators of the world. Assange is confined to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London for the past six years. He has been kept captivated in a fear that if he was let loose, he will be arrested by the US for prosecution under the act of Espionage. Ecuador had granted him with citizenship recently; however, as per British officials, he will be taken into custody the moment he leaves the Embassy.

Muller-Maguhn is the sole connection Assange has with the outer world. Andy is known to bring clothes, movies, and books for him during his visits. In 2016, it is rumored that Andy brought a thumb drive to Assange that contained personal messages for him, who was banished from even accessing emails due to security reasons.

These visits came into the notice of the US and European spy chiefs as they were suspicious about the operation of the WikiLeaks.

CIA, the National Security Agency, and FBI, the three major United States intelligence agencies assessed with affirmation that Russia has relayed to the WikiLeaks material that was hacked from the Democratic National Committee as well as from the Senior Democratic Officials.

Andy spent two hours with Assange last month and came out of the Embassy with a Nikon camera and black leather satchel jammed with documents. He made his way to Germany and stated that he doesn’t have the intention to spend overnight in a country that is hostile towards him.


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