After Anushka Sharma, Nafisa Ali’s Daughter Pia Opts For A Dreamy Sabyasachi Outfit

2017 can very easily be touted as a  year of celebrity engagements and marriages, with a lot of public personalities, especially cricketers, making the leap. But the one that stole the show has to be the “Virushka” wedding that took place right at the end of the year in Tuscany, Italy. The frenzy that it created on social media was on another level altogether with people talking everything related to the wedding, with the pictures, videos and memes going viral on networking sites within minutes of them coming out.

After Anushka Sharma, Nafisa Ali's Daughter Pia Opts For A Dreamy Sabyasachi Outfit

And while Virat was looking his handsome best on all the 3 events hosted by the couple, one has to admit that Anushka’s outfits gathered all the buzz on the internet as she dawned the legendary Sabyasachi at each of these events, looking mesmerizing every time she came out, especially on the day when the coupled tied the knot. Her wedding lehenga garnered attention from all corners and was the talk of the town for quite a few days.

However, right around that time, someone with not nearly the same following also got hitched and wore a lehenga designed by the same designer. It was Pia Sodhi, daughter of long time actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi. While she may have not been under the same spotlight as Anushka, she looked nothing short of gorgeous and elegant in her attire. The Blue lehenga, which was designed in an ‘Indo-Victorian Pattern with fine aaritaari and zardosi, is a part of the Sabyasachi Devi collection and it made her look queenly in the most elegant way.

Also, what added to the portrait was the way Pia carried herself throughout, maintaining her posture. The final touches were added by the accessories and the makeup, which made her look picture perfect and a sight to behold.

One might say that the days of the flashy, bright-red lehengas are behind us as brides these days choose to wear colors that are more sensuous and classy. They also pay attention to the fact that they can wear them without compromising on comfort and that has led to the trend of the light attires, which are modish in the contemporary world. Brides around the world can certainly take a page out of Pia’s book.