Against The Acquittal Of Rajesh And Nupur Talvar, Hemraj’s Wife Moves To Supreme Court

Giving the couple benefit of doubt, the Allahabad High Court has given a green chit to Rajesh and Nupur Talvar acquitting them from the murder of their daughter Arushi and house helper Hemraj. However, their helper’s wife has moved to Supreme court against High court’s decision.

Against The Acquittal Of Rajesh And Nupur Talvar, Hemraj’s Wife Moves To Supreme Court

The widow of Hemraj, Kumkala Banjade said, “I am not surprised but I am sad that the court had let the Talvar couple walk free cancelling their life sentence”. She also said, I am sure Rajesh is behind the murder of the two, but I am not sure whether Nupur also is behind the murder.

Family of Hemraj had been planning to move to the high court since a long time. They said, “We are waiting for the CBI to file an appeal. If the CBI fails to file an appeal against their release verdict, they will approach the Supreme Court”.

Against Allahabad High Court orders, we will wait first for CBI to file the appeal, if they are not able to do so then we will challenge it.

Naresh Kumar Yadav, lawyer of Hemraj’s family said, “It is a fight for poor people. Hemraj’s family never wanted the Talvar couple to walk free of their crime. They want to continue their fight to get justice for Hemraj.”

Employer of Hemraj’s son-in-law Samir Singh has been helping the family with the legal battle. Hemraj’s son was also of the same age as Arushi. The family could not even see Hemraj’s body and the cremation was also conducted by the Ekta Samaj.

Mr. Samir Singh said, as the family cannot afford the fee of a lawyer, he has spoken to some people who are representing the case in the court pro-bono.

Saying no conviction can stand on the basis of mere suspicion, justice BK Narayana and justice AK Mishra overruled the trial’s verdict saying the evidences shown were questionable.

Arushi, the 14-year old, was found murdered in her house on May 2008. Initially, Hemraj was missing after Arushi’s murder and he was thought to be behind the murder but to everyone’s surprise, his body was found two days later from the terrace of Arushi’s house.

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