American Aerospace And Defense Major Proposes For Custom-Built Fighter Jets In India

India has been proposed for custom-built fighter jets, i.e., F-16 by Lockheed Martin the Defense and American Aerospace Major to make the aerospace of India to contribute in becoming the part of “World’s Largest Fighter Aircraft Ecosystem”

American Aerospace And Defense Major Proposes For Custom-Built Fighter Jets In India

The Business and Strategy Development and Vice-President at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Vivek Lall states in a media interaction that the LIFAM (Lexicon of International Fighter Aircraft Manufacturing) is planning for introducing 2 new words, i.e. “Exclusive” & “India”. He further mentions that the exclusiveness means the Indian manufactured fighter jets will be unique from the present and the past creations while also exploring a prominent “Export Market” especially targeting the availability of Indian fighter aircrafts.

Vivek, the Indian American noticing the unexplored scope of India manufactured fighter aircrafts in future comments that the opportunity will be profitable for India with custom-building the fighter jets in an innovative way which will be setting a record in experiencing the “Real-World Combat” situation with effective operations. Vivek further mentions that accurately researched and designed technologies like F-35 and F-22 from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics will be applied for Indian manufacturing fighter jets and will be unique from the 4th generation operational fighter aircrafts.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is the only company that has produced, designed and developed the 5th Generation Fighter jets will be exploring a business relation with f-16, states Vivek. He further comments on the offer provided to Indian aircraft industry but his company states that the opportunity is liable to be explored from mid, small and large size companies in India while also bridging strong business paths with the US and other industry leaders of the world.

Vivek further mentions that most of the improvement in making the aircraft on India platform will be formalized from the outlines drawn on F-53 and F-22 by Lockheed Martin. These aircrafts will be as similar to the 5th generation aircrafts with the improved mechanism, for instance, from the upgraded cockpit to highly advance with up-to-date technology in the operating system of the Indian fighter jets, says Vivek.

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