Art Therapies Helps Reduce The Stress As Per Pune Experts

The founder of Earthlings, Dr Khushboo Shah, mentions that expressive art therapy or the art therapy induces the various mediums through the hidden art including dance, paint, coloring, playing with materials or craft helps to reduce your stress levels.

Art Therapies Helps Reduce The Stress As Per Pune Experts

For few people, the solo sessions with the doctors can get messy or scary but expressive art therapies help the doctor and patient to bond well and open up with their problems through a certain medium.  Doctor Khushboo commenting on the same states, “It becomes easier for them to say what they want, maybe through a sketch or a dance move or a caricature. For example, I apply Access Consciousness, which offers self-empowering and pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now. Access Consciousness provides you with ways to become totally aware and to begin to function as the conscious being that you truly are.”

Namrata Sharma, the Pune based color therapist suggests that people can express through colors while heal as the chemicals through coolers get through the brains of the people and help them open up.

The Jehangir Hospital in Pune is one of the best examples of art display helping to help the patients. The stained glass windows, the old world tiles and the glass mosaic are artistic in order to help reduce the stress of the patients. “It’s a scientifically proven fact that human beings are the only ones that have an ability to appreciate in our species. Emotions and appreciation for beauty is our key strength. Hence, art plays a huge role in making our patients feel good adding happy color and a positive texture to an experience they may not be looking forward to and they can bounce back instantly. Forget patients, we have seen a difference in just us as consultants, support staff and the team who enjoy coming to work every day”, mentions the senior consultant, Dr Sanjay Phadke of Jehangir Hospital.

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