Bengal Considering Blockchain To Defend Records Amassed Online

The Government of West Bengal is aiming to roll out the blockchain tech to safeguard its documents from cyber assaults. The projected Cyber Security Centre of Excellence of the state government might be assigned to conduct the new mechanism of blockchain at different departments, a senior executive of the Department for Information Technology claimed to the media in an interview. Blockchain is an online ledger of digitally recorded payments that is converted in the form of blocks, each of which is linked by a set of PCs.

Bengal Considering Blockchain To Defend Records Amassed Online

“Nowadays, we are amassing records and files online. We have lakhs of files in the cloud as well. And in the upcoming period, our reliance on the Internet will grow and dangers from cyber attackers will worsen. So we have to be very careful and apply safety measures,” the official claimed to the media. “The center for cyber security will convey the best in law enforcement, academic, and other sectors below one roof for the best means to defy cyber attacks,” he claimed. The center will also execute development as well as study on cyber attacks for which the government will associate with private companies.

The official claimed that the Mamata Banerjee-controlled government is also aiming to raise the consciousness level about dangers of cyber crimes and safety measures that require to be practiced. Executives of Kolkata Police had lately taken part in a workshop for cyber security hosted at the Center by the IT department. Previously this year, devices at some workplaces of the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited were attacked by a global ransomware, WannaCry virus.

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software developed to jam authorization to a device or system until a sum of money is given as ransom. “We do not need such stuffs to be echoed,” the official claimed.

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