BJP Members Doesn’t Respond To PM Modi’s “Namaste” On The NaMo App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday in the parliamentary meeting of BJP stated that his morning greetings weren’t responded while taking the legislators of the party to the task. The PM is reported to be annoyed by his party members for not replying to his other messages and the greeting “Namaste” on the app NaMo.

BJP Members Doesn’t Respond To PM Modi’s “Namaste” On The NaMo App

Narendra Modi reports to the party members in the meeting that every morning he greets Namaste to everyone but except for 5 to 6 MPs, no one else responds. He further stated that not only the morning greeting but other important messages sent to the app get unacknowledged. The MPs of the BJP party were advised to use the new feature of the NaMo official app by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister that eases direct contact with him.

Jitendra Singh, the State Minister in the office of Prime Minister, gave a power point presentation of the new feature of the app in the parliamentary meeting. The app is installed with a new feature the New India Connect, which helps a direct communication with the PM as informed by the Union Minister. The new feature enables the Member of Parliament to report the PM about the work done in their constituencies and states.

The NaMo app as the name itself suggests the initials of the name of the PM while allowing the users to post their own messages while receiving the reply from the PM Narendra Modi. The app was launched in the year 2015 while making it available on play store for Android. The app also aimed to inform the masses about the progressive work done till now utilizing the new technology. With a total of 333 members in the Parliament, the BJP leads the government with 57 in Rajya Sabha and 276 in Lok Sabha.


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