CES Starts With No Code Of Conduct Or Lead Female Speakers

The premier yearly gathering of the tech sector starts this week with no female leading the sessions of keynote and no code of conduct that may avoid events of sexual pestering, in spite of efforts by managers to transmit the show as a more comprehensive event. CES, the showcase for the newest user electronics from self-driving cars to televisions, is familiar for mostly women models dubbed as “booth babes” and male attendees boasting off the new tech.

CES Starts With No Code Of Conduct Or Lead Female Speakers

It has drawn criticism for not reducing down its sexualized atmosphere or making itself more welcoming for women even as the problem of assault and harassment has taken the headlines in the past 6 Months and pushed the movement of #MeToo into daily life.

“The truth that this big worldwide gathering of tech majors is completely overlooking this problem makes them totally irresponsible and tone deaf,” claimed chief executive of California coding school Sabio, Liliana Aide Monge, to the media in an interview. Sabio is missing out CES for the 2nd year consecutively due to the lack of minority speakers and women.

The managers of CES, which unlocks its doors in Las Vegas this week to almost 200,000 attendees, last month attracted criticism from officials at other tech firms including Twitter Inc for a keynote list ruled by white males. CES made a concentrated attempt to branch out its entire lineup of speaker, but eventually failed to discover a female high-ranking executive for a separate keynote address.

“To present the keynote at the event, the speaker shall head (CEO/president level) a big company who has name credit in the sector,” claimed Karen Chupka, who supervises the occasion at the CTA (Consumer Technology Association), as senior vice president a month back in a blog post. “As hurtful as it is, there is a restricted pool when it is the question to females in these positions,” Chupka claimed.