India Owns Advanced Defense Systems

India successfully test-fired its home developed missile and now ranks as the fourth country in the world to master the technique of destroying a missile with a missile. The test was carried out at 9:45 am from Wheeler Island, Odisha, wherein a direct hit destroyed a modified Prithvi missile. The Ministry of Defense informed that the test of the Advanced Air Defense supersonic interceptor missile was a huge success.

India Owns Advanced Defense Systems

Here is all that you need to know about India’s Advanced Air Defense missile:

  1. The supersonic interceptor missile has been designed to destroy any incoming ballistic missile found in low altitude.
  2. An incoming ballistic missile target was obstructed within the 30-kilometer altitude range of the Earth’s atmosphere in the test.
  3. As per the sources, tests ensured different parameters of the interceptor in flight mode. Sources from the Defense Ministry informed that the high-speed interceptor missile was the ninth test of this highly advanced air defense system.
  4. A Prithvi missile launched from the Integrated Missile Test Range in Chandipur was the major target.
  5. The single-stage solid fueled interceptor missile has a speed, which equals almost five times the speed of sound.
  6. The high-end interceptor missile is a bundle of modern advancements. It has its own mobile launcher, there is a secure data link for proper interception and state-of-the-art technology offering independent tracking and advanced radars.
  7. This is the third supersonic interceptor test of 2017. If targeted by enemy ballistic missiles, it would protect high-value installations.
  8. March 1 and February 11, 2017, were the dates when earlier tests were carried out.
  9. India is preparing another advanced missile defense system wherein higher speed ballistic missiles can be intercepted.
  10. Followed by the US, Russia and Israel; India becomes the fourth country to acquire this technology of destroying a missile with another.

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