Indian Fishermen Released From Pakistan Through The Wagah Border

Pakistani authorities released 145 Indian fishermen from the Pakistani jail on Friday through the Wagah Border into India. The fishermen were provided with Rs 5,000 to each of the fishermen along with clothes by the Edhi Foundation while departure them in the morning via train from Karachi.

Indian Fishermen Released From Pakistan Through The Wagah Border

Muhammad Younas, the spokesman for the Edhi Lahore, mentioned that the fishermen were given lunch prior to crossing the border into their nation, India. He further mentions that the process took a long while as the Pakistani Rangers handed over the fishermen to the Indian authorities after the clearance of all the papers.

One of the fishermen sitting in the line near the board mentions that 11 months before due to his engine stoppage of the boat, he was arrested and that he is now happy to go back to his hometown. PMSA (Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency) often arrests the Indian fishermen as the Pakistani officials are protecting and guarding the territorial waters.

The scenario of arresting goes hand-in-hand on both the parts where the fishermen of both the countries are being arrested as they cross the unclear water boards in the Arabian sea, Sir Creek while diving the province of Pakistan with Sindh. The arrested fishermen are sent to the Malir jail from Indian docks police station. Due to the time consuming legal and bureaucratic procedures, the fishermen have to suffer the jail term for few months. The issued has been raised by several non-profit firms on both the side of Pakistan and India pressurizing the governments on both the sides to get a quick release for the fishermen who are arrested without delaying any further.



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