Indian Origin Activist Arrested In The US

Protests by Indo-Americans against the arrest of Ravi Ragbir.

Ravi Ragbir was detained by US officials on Friday at the Jacob Javits Federal Building. He was arrested during the routine check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), decision of immediate deportation was followed by protests by the locals of New York, his followers and fans who are both from Indian and American background.

Indian Origin Activist Arrested In The US

Ravi Ragbir is an activist of Indian origin. He belongs to the region of Trinidad and Tobago and has relentlessly worked for past several years on immigrant rights. Ragbir at present is the executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC and has been awarded in 2017 with the Immigrant Excellence Award by the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators.

Ragbir’s detention was completely unwarranted and as is being considered as a reflection of the predatory behavior of Trump government in New York. Joe Crowley, a congressman demanded an immediate release of Ravi Ragbir.

The large gathering outside Federal Immigration Building and the upsurge of protest soon after the detention of Ravi Ragbir proved his immense popularity in New York. The Board of Immigration Appeals and the US District Court informed that Ragbir has exhausted all his petitions and appeals at the court and he will be kept in custody till being shifted to Trinidad.

He was previously allowed to move freely with periodic check-ins at the Immigrant office while his case was being investigated by the court. After the proceedings, the court informed that Ravi Ragbir does not have a legal basis to reside in the US.

As per ICE he also has a previous federal conviction case against him, Ragbir has been accused for conspiring to wire fraud. For this, he was sentenced 30 months incarceration and a penalty of $350,001.