Niklaus—First Person of Indian Origin to Become Swiss Parliamentarian

Just in a week of his birth in 1970, Niklaus-Samuel Gugger was disowned by his parents at a hospital in Udupi. A Swiss couple, Fritz and Elizbeth living in Kerala adopted him where he lived for 4 years and then moved to their native country. Now, after 48 years, the same Niklaus-Samuel Gugger has become the first Indian origin person to be elected to the Swiss parliament.

Niklaus—First Person of Indian Origin to Become Swiss Parliamentarian

As per media reports, Niklaus said that his mother, Anasuiya handed him to Dr. ED Pflugfelder so that he could get a better life and career.

Dr Pflugfelder contacted the Gugger couple and the rest is history.

Niklaus, better known as Nik, was among 143 People of Indian Origin from 24 countries who participated in the conference arranged by Ministry of External Affairs.

Niklaus confesses that life was not easy for him. In Switzerland, he has worked as a truck driver, gardener and mechanic to finance his higher studies, as his parents were not well off. He was also involved in social work so as to earn his livelihood.

In 2002, he was elected the town councilor from Winterthur, near the German border. He is also the first Indian to be elected as an MP in Switzerland’s parliament.

He added that for around the next ten years, he would be the only Indian in the Swiss parliament as there was no other active Indian-origin politician there.

Niklaus has been long associated with Kerala’s NTTF institute, which takes care of students who are pursuing their technical education in India and Switzerland.

Niklaus plans to visit India in future to give light to his ideas on start-ups in alliance with the Swiss and Indian governments.

No matter what, Niklaus is thankful to his biological mother for his success and said that he has named his daughter Anasuia in order to keep her memory alive.

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