This Is How The Ocean Looks From Space

Researchers recently have revealed the equivalent of smoke rings in the Tasman Sea, which they feel may pull up small marine beings and carry them at a high speed and for long distances across the ocean. The scientists spotted the rings by analyzing the sea level measurements, which was taken from satellites together with the sea surface temperature images from the same time and place.

This Is How The Ocean Looks From Space

Chris Hughes, professor at the University of Liverpool in the UK said that he thinks that these linked, fast moving swirls could suck up small marine creatures and carry them at high speed and for long distances across the ocean.

The researchers found that the ocean is full of eddies, swirling motions, ranges from some tens to hundreds of kilometers across. It can mix the water and carry it across the average currents. They further found that the smoke rings are a pair of linked whirls, which can spin in opposite directions and that can travel up to ten times the speed of normal eddies.

Researchers said that the rings in the ocean are cut in half by the sea surface and can see the two ends of the half ring at the surface. Chris Hughes further said that they found a pair of swirls, which spins in opposite directions and are linked to each other so that they travel together all the way across the Tasman Sea which is the southwest of Australia and in the South Atlantic, west of South Africa. They head to the west, but by pairing, they can move to the east and travel faster. He added that the smoke rings require an area of calm water to pull out and have looked at other areas of other oceans but only seen them in the oceans around Australia and one in the South Atlantic.

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