Policy Commission Will Move Forward To Make “New India” A Reality In 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of making “New India” by 2022 for the Policy Commission will be challenging in 2018. In the next year, the policy commission will also be focused on malnutrition, agriculture, employment, and higher education. Rajiv Kumar, the Deputy Speaker of the Commission, says that he has met different parties and will soon finalize the vision paper of New India, 2022.

Policy Commission Will Move Forward To Make “New India” A Reality In 2018

Kumar said, “Next year our Policy Commission emphasis will be on agricultural conversion, malnutrition, higher education and employment generation. We are at present working to shape the stability of the new India by 2022. We will soon finalize the new India 2022 vision document and after completion of this work, we will work on a 15-year vision sheet.”

Earlier, the Commission had planned to bring Agenda, 7-year medium-term strategy paper, 3-year action agenda, and a 15-year vision document. He said, “The Commission will carry on looking after its double work of collaborative federalism and competitive federalism and in this context, I have already traveled 11 states. I will go to other states next year so that they can seriously consider that the policy commission at the center is working for them and we can work together to form a state-centric development plan.”

About the economy, Kumar said that private capital expenditure is on the rise and we will soon see swift growth and quality employment generation. About the economic growth, the Deputy Chairman of the Policy Commission said, “In the next 12 Months, the economic growth rate of the third quarter of 2018–2019 will be 7.5% and above. In the next two years, our economic growth rate will be 8%.” He also stated that the next five years are planned to achieve double-digit economic growth rate, business facilitation, and generality of investment rules.

On the priority of the Policy Commission, he said that the commission’s emphasis will be on speeding up exports of the country by next year as it has a major role in generating better quality jobs.

In a survey done by Survey Commission and IDFC Institute, it stated that it takes 118 Days to establish a business in the country. This survey was completely different from the World Bank report.

In view of the report and strategy, of the year 2017, the Commission released the National Strategy on Malnutrition, along with the National Medical Commission Bill 2017, and issued reports on, electric vehicle and others. The Commission also recommended the privatization of 23 public sector undertakings in the public sector.