Share Of Indus To Be Tapped By The Government Of India To Strike Back

The Government of India strategically planned to tap the utilization of the water of Indus to prevent the passage of the terror by Pakistan in India through the voluntary concessions by directing to store the water in the district of Kathua in J & K.

Share Of Indus To Be Tapped By The Government Of India To Strike Back

The CWC (Central Water Commission) has fast paced the Indus water utilization under the IWT (Indus Water Treaty) and on the bases on the details of Ujh multi-purpose project report has finalized to tap the unutilized water of the Indus that was flowing across the boards. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is been submitted with the report of the Ujh multi-purpose project to help start the building process at an early stage.

The water storage project, which is initiated in the district of Kathua, will have the capacity of storing nearly 0.65 MAF of the water (Million Acre Feet) from the tributary of Ravi to produce nearly 200 MW of power and 30,000 hectares of irrigation. The terror attacks by Pakistan in the 2016 on the camps of the army at Uri made the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to rethink over the execution of the IWT (Indus Water Treaty).

It was decided that India will be allotted with the waters from Ravi from the year 1960 under the Indus Water Treaty signed along with Pakistan. The process anyways took sixteen long years by the Central Water Commission (CWC) for completing the process of DPR (Detailed Project Report). The report was processed after receiving a green political signal from the current government in the year 2001. The Indus water system was legally given to India under the IWT after which India decided to set up a task force for understanding all the available options for utilizing the water of Indus to the maximum.


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