Teen Sisters Death Rocks Barola Village in Noida

Was it murder or suicide? In 2014, the nation was rocked by gruesome images of two cousins dangling from a tree in Badaun region of Uttar Pradesh. The CBI, who was investigating the case, termed it rape and murder initially; however, in spite of detailed investigations, no evidence was found and the agency had to declare it a case of suicide.

Teen Sisters Death Rocks Barola Village in Noida

A similar case occurred in the Barola village of Noida recently wherein two teens were discovered dead dangling from a tree in the external precincts of their home. The police are yet to know whether this is a case of murder or suicide. Luv Kumar, a senior police officer in Noida reported that investigations were going on and it was difficult to pinpoint the reasons for the deaths at that stage. The post-mortem, which was awaited, would give some indication. He further continued that prima facie the girls’ bodies had shown no signs of assault.

The two sisters, aged 13 and 18, lived in Sector 49 of Noida at the Barola village. Suspicious on seeing their room bolted from outside the family looked for them and found them hanging from the tree at about 4 am in the morning. The family has named a distant relative, Ravi, as the possible suspect in the case and feel that Ravi and his family are responsible for the girls’ murder.

As per the explanation given by the girls’ family, Ravi wanted to marry the older sister and was forcing her to do so even though he was married already. The family further revealed that an argument had taken place the earlier evening between them and Ravi’s family. His family had apparently frightened them by saying that some harm would be caused to the girls.

The deaths have left the villagers in a state of shock.

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