Tesla’s Battery Factory Witnesses Minor Chemicals Spill

Tesla is a major America energy storage and automaker company. For those who are not aware, here is a short brief. The company is based in Palo Alto, California and also has some of its hand in manufacturing of solar panels. Elon Musk is the CEO as well as the owner of the company and owns up to 22.5% of shares of the company. The company was founded way back in 2003. The annual revenue of the company as of in 2016 was $7 Billion.

Tesla’s Battery Factory Witnesses Minor Chemicals Spill

Recently an accident took place in the company and that is the only reason as to why the company is in talks. A dangerous chemical spill took place at the company’s Gigafactory battery plant located in Nevada. The incident is under investigation by emergency workers. Fortunately, there were no severe injuries, posted the company in its blog. Dave Arnold, spokesman of Tesla, said a barrel of regular construction cleaning solvent was dropped at a loading harbor and a small area of the construction was abandoned.

“Although plenty of care, a pair of workers who may have been uncovered to the chemicals are being transported to the local hospital,” said Dave. He also claimed that the company projected no impact on production. “There was no danger to the local inhabitants, no clouds or anything,” claimed director of emergency management for Storey County of Nevada Joe Curtis. He claimed the fire department was on the sight recognizing the dropped dangerous material.

The plant outside of Nevada has not yet been finished but manufacturing has initiated on lithium-ion battery cells to be employed in upcoming Model 3 sedan and energy storage products of the company. The company also took the whole responsibility of the incident and assured that if any harm is caused to the employees, the company will be taking all the responsibility of it.

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