The US And Canada Freeze In Record Breaking Low Temperatures

Arctic blasts followed by a deadly winter storm have led to record-breaking low temperatures in the US and Canada. The airports have been left struggling with the backlog of flights.

The US And Canada Freeze In Record Breaking Low Temperatures

In Northern Ontario and Quebec in Canada, temperatures have dipped to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Arctic air and extremely chilly winds could bring temperatures down to minus 45 Fahrenheit, along with the risk of frostbite to skin within 10 minutes.

The big chill follows a winter storm, which has been named as a “bomb cyclone” and has been blamed for at least 19 deaths in the US.

The storm was responsible for heavy snowfall and high winds, leading to cancellation of flights and causing many more delays.

On Saturday, more than 2,250 flights were delayed.

To add on to the problem, a China Southern Airlines and Kuwait Airways jet both clipped their wings at JFK’s Terminal 4 late Friday, which caused damage to both the aircraft without any injuries.

The US Weather Service warned that below normal temperatures can continue next week as well and said that ice could make road transport complicated.

Mount Washington, New Hampshire was reported to have the second-coldest temperature on earth, which was minus 36 Fahrenheit.

The temperature in New York, on Saturday was around 14 Fahrenheit, with the Hudson River partially frozen.

Eastern Canada has suffered badly in this brutally cold period of two weeks. The country witnessed some major flight delays and cancellations both at the Montreal and Toronto airports. At the same time, communities along the Quebec coast complained of flooding.

The Canadian National Weather Service has already issued a warning that frostbite is common especially with wind chills. They further added that it only takes a few minutes to develop frostbite on exposed skin, so it is always advisable to keep emergency supplies in your vehicle.