Daniel: Gujarat To Be Honored With A First Class Museum

The present Aus Heritage’s chairperson, Vinod Daniel who is India born and also associated as the member of the board of ICOM (International Council of Museums) who recently visited the city states that, “I draw parallels between Gujarat and Singapore. Singapore went through a phase where after rapid industrialization and social change, there was a feeling that they were losing their culture. They soon made a long-term national strategy and transformed the sector. Today they are one of the best in the world. This is the right time for Gujarat to work on long-term strategy.”

Daniel: Gujarat To Be Honored With A First Class Museum

He further commenting by mentioning that Gujarat as a state has a very royal legacy to display into the world and feels that the state should extend it heritage by initiating a museum with world-class amenities and set a great example for the rest. He further states that we have to concentrate on problems such as international collaboration, trained manpower and specialization while being at profit from the excellence and CLP to enhance the museum facilities. He also believes that a museum is a very secure for insecure thoughts.

Daniel also suggests the museums be interactive or proactive while explaining it with an example like the CSMVS (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) which is based in Mumbai and is popularly known for its hands-on nature of the institute. He further states that the museums can be interactive by having a smaller facility like offering tea. He explains that a structure should not be defined as a museum but even a heritage land can be considered as a museum.

Vinod is very active in enormous accomplishments like helping the rural areas by providing reading glasses while spreading his charity through training up-and-coming musicologists. His impeccable work involves working on the practical momentary of “Santiniketan” while also helping the Ambedkar Museum at Chicholi to get funds through the collection. He further added that he was associated in projects like refurbishing the house in Myanmar of the Aung San SuuKyi’s father Aung San.


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