An Extensive Coverage Planned By Doordarshan Of Republic Day Parade

The Republic Day will be extensively covering the “Republic Day Parade” near India Gate by Doordarshan the public broadcaster by installing an increased number of the camera in 2018.

A Surya Prakash, the chairman of Prasar Bharati stated that with leaders of 10 ASEAN countries attending the event, it will be a sheer treat to the audiences. He further mentioned that the more cameras the greater it will be in capturing the event while satisfying the viewers. AIR (All Indian Radio) and DD (Doordarshan) is run by Prasar Bharati.

An Extensive Coverage Planned By Doordarshan Of Republic Day Parade

Prior to this year, the DD deployed nearly 27 cameras for covering the prestigious “Republic Day” event. Mr. Surya further stated that there will be nearly 38 cameras will be deployed to cover the patriot event this year. There are 6 cameras installed beyond the India Gate for broadcasting an extensive event and to capture a panoramic view event.

He further added that behind India Gate there will be a 120-feet high crane installed to capture the enlarged view of the parade and give viewers a wider picture along with usual robotic cameras to capture the reactions of the people feeling proud of their nation this Republic Day.

Prakash further comments that this parade will be colorful and the team has taken extra care and precautions to deliver a successful yet appealing visual of the parade. Prakash has viewed the dress rehearsals for shooting for the final day.

Along OB van (Outside Broadcasting), there will be 3 robotic cameras capturing the President Rostrum and 15 cameras installed at the Rajpath while 8 of the cameras at the India gate with OB van and 6 cameras at Rashtrapati Bhavan with OB van and 6 cameras en-routing from Patiala House to Red Fort. At Supreme Court, Delhi Gate, ITO, Red Fort, Daryaganj and Patiala House, there will be one en-route camera stalled.

The Chief Guests for the parade will be the visiting ASEAN leaders who are currently attending an ASEAN summit. The ASEAN multidimensional forum consisting of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos.


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