Modi Recalls 1997…When Birds Tweeted, Amazon Referred To Jungle

Narendra Modi, PM of India recalls the time when Harry Potter was not a household name, only birds used to tweet, and Amazon was just a dense forest. He referred to that time when life was a lot simpler without much networking and big data. The world has witnessed great changes since 1997 and is expected that it will be witnessing changes in the coming years.

Modi Recalls 1997...When Birds Tweeted, Amazon Referred To Jungle

During the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum or WEF, he addressed all the respected delegates, who traveled to Davos from across the globe. He mentioned that he is the first Prime Minister who attended the esteemed World Economic Forum after H D Deve Gowda in 1997. He further stated that the Indian economy has taken a huge leap since then and along with it, the entire world has also changed for good.

He spoke mostly in Hindi and thanked WEF along with the Swiss government for offering him such a great reception. He also got nostalgic and added, during the visit of Deve Gowda, the meeting was about creating a networked society. However, he feels that theme to be very ancient and the world has moved to creating Big Data and other innovative technologies.

He stated that in 1997, hardly anyone was aware of Osama Bin Laden and Harry Potter. Apart from this, the chess players were not insecure by the computers and Google was not present in the cyberspace. To add humor to the speech, he said, tweets were done only by birds and not humans.

He expressed his gratitude by saying that Davos was well ahead of time 20 years back and is also still following the same trend with a theme of ‘Creating a shared future in a fractured world’.

He concluded that the world is creating heaps of data regularly and the people are racing to get a control over it, in an expectation to rule the world.

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